Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Permaculture stories : De Weegbree in Belgium

De Weegbree ( meaning “plantain”) is a symbiosis of people with a vision to a feasible and workable alternative way of living. Like many in the transition movement spread all over the world, they believe that for them and for our planet and all that lives on it, it is better and healthier when we organize our lives locally and self-sufficient . 

Knowing that: the depletion of fossil fuels, climate change and hence the current way of our food supply, the prospects for prosperity, welfare and health are undermined.

They grow their own food, produce their own energy, process their waste and purify their water.
The goal is to live in a different way, educating themselves and carrying out to the world what they have learned.

At present there are 10 adults and 3 children living on one hectare of land. They have a vegetable garden, a food forest, a community garden, goats, chickens and ducks.

There are two houses and a studio. Furthermore there is a dining room and a space for group activities.
In the garden they built yurts for activities and one yurt to live in.

Bruno and Liesbeth bought the land in 2002. A year later they moved in. Gradually more people came in. Some left again, others stayed.
They didn't really plan the project well. It was developing in an organic way. With the people, new ideas came and together they decided how to move on.

In 2012, two families moved in and things started changing. 

A non profit organization was set up. 
The association aims to be a meeting and rehearsal space to seek responses to the challenges and opportunities of our time (peak oil, climate change and the current economic situation ...). 

 1) increasing awareness of the environmental, economic, social and spiritual level,

2) increasing the local resilience,

3) the preservation of ancient knowledge and crafts, but also experimenting with new technologies

4) to be an inspiration for another, more sustainable way of life,

5) the joint organization of all nature, animals and human benefits.

6) a transition initiative to develop and support within their own congregation,

7) involve people that need care or assistance (care farm - Green care).

They traveled to England to do a Permaculture Design Course and to visit other similar projects.

The book of Diana Leafe also inspired them to change their way of working.

They started thinking about their vision and writing down how they saw the policies and the structure of their project.
The result was that there was a clear focus and better choices were made.

De Weegbree is a Transition Project and makes its space available to manifest the world of tomorrow, here and now.


  • growth path self-sufficient life
  • permaculture courses
  • weaving baskets
  • flush free compost toilets
  • soil food web
  • herbs and folk medicines
  • cooking and preserving food
  • sweat lodge
  • .......

De Weegbree is located in Belgium.

Address : Hoogstraat 64, 2861 O.L.V.-Waver
email: info@deweegbree.be
Telefoon: +32 or +32 479.93.65.30

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